Love Fest: Chromemance

What was that you said? I couldn’t quite hear you over my screamin’ browser speed…

Google Chrome

I am smack dab in the middle of a full blown romance with Google Chrome. I’m currently operating Chromium OS, the open-source project behind the Google Chrome browser and I’m searching with unbeatable speed, pages are loading before I can blink my eyes and the plug-ins, minimal browser interface and seamless video streaming is a dream.

Between Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and now Chrome how is one to choose a browser? Well a.) don’t choose IE… Although as recently as two years ago, almost half of you people poking around the interwebs used Internet Explorer 6.0—the slowest, jankiest, most security-flawed browser on the market. Phew, now that that’s off my chest – I’m gonna say you’re left with Firefox, Safari and Chrome to choose from (Opera – Who? What is that? Who cares? Oh that’s right no one’s really cared since 1996). Nevermind the PC vs. Mac browser debate… And since Safari is a Mac-based browser let’s just skip right over that one too.

All these browser programmers have been competing for speed, stability and intuition for quite some time. Firefox by Mozilla is constantly updating and improving and without a doubt it’s a fantastic browser. Great for speed, great for stability and a pretty intuitive interface (not to mention great add-ons, applications and powerful tools.) Firefox is flexible and the perfect back-up browser.

On to the love affair…

Chrome is addictively fast… I find myself opening new web pages to see how quickly they will load and drooling over the speed at which I can transition between tabs and windows. Chrome is the first browser to keep its processes separated – each tab is given individualized access to your computer’s resources. What?! That means that if one open tab encounters an error, the rest of your browsing session remains intact – that’s right! No more “Oops, this is embarrassing – Please wait while we restore the 24 tabs and 6 important projects you had open” messages.

With Chrome you can Google (that is the new term for “search” right?) right from the address bar. It’s the best way to navigate the web. Chrome will give you search results right in the search bar with drop downs to pretty much everything you might have been looking for. With Chrome you can sync your bookmarks directly from whatever sub-par browser you are using now and Chrome even offers Greasemonkey scripts and sweet add-ons.

In a nutshell: Google Chrome is better than your browser and you should probably get on it right now. Let your own love affair begin…


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